The magic of Christmas

the magic of Christmas

I was very happy to be invited to the Tesco Christmas in July event that was in, well, July. Actually, that's not entirely correct. When I got the email inviting me to the event I was standing on the side line of a football pitch looking at Ron playing football and Yon playing with imaginary animals, there were people around. I literally jumped up and down. Might have been a few times. Because it was my first event ever, and because it's Christmas. Now for all who doesn't know, let's get this out of the way at the beginning - I am Jewish. We are all Jewish. And we celebrate Christmukah every year since we left Israel. You can find my very long (and I think really good) explanation of why we chose to celebrate Christmukah in this post I wrote a few years back. But if you want the short version, it's what I explained to Ron last year when we were walking home from the dentist and saw the first decorated tree of the year (yes, we are nosey and we peek through people's windows) - everyone needs a bit of Magic in their lives.

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