The Living Wall at The Athenaeum, Mayfair

The Living Wall at The Athenaeum, Mayfair

In their most basic form all hotels offer the same product, but it’s through the likes of customer service, personalising stays, amenities, food and beverage, the staff, location and history of the building that properties manage to differentiate themselves from one another and compete for much sought after business.

I’ve been to hotels with cinemas, juice bars, ones that are made of ice, and ones with 360 degree views of London’s skyline, but until now I had never been to one with a living wall.

The Athenaeum in Mayfair is home to a vertical living wall stretching eight storeys high and housing over 18,000 plants and 260 species. It’s the only wall of its kind in London and the only one built in the UK by research scientist Patrick Blanc who aimed to transform the corner concrete wall into a haven of biodiversity.

Recycled clothing is used rather than soil and dotted among the plants and greenery are bright red bird houses for the poshest birds in town to nest in. The flora is thick and luxurious and although vast, it remains well maintained softly framing the windows without obstructing views over Green Park.

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