The little swallow Christine

The little swallow Christine

Sometimes you come across a book that has such fantastic illustrations that you want to read it immediately! Such books makes you happy! ”The little swallow Christine’ or ‘Christine en de zwaluwen’ is such a book. I found the children’s book in a secondhand store for 0,20 eurocents. ‘Die Schwalbenchristine’ was published in 1962 in the GDR and in 1965 you could find the translation (by Jacoba M. Vreugdenhil) in the Dutch bookstores. Fred Rodrian wrote the story of Christine and how she saved a nest of young swallows. Werner Klemke made the sparkling illustrations. Fred Rodrian (1926-1985) is to this day one of the most beloved authors of children’s books of the GDR. He wrote mostly books for the very young readers.

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