The little mermaid and other reasons to be cheerful

The little mermaid and other reasons to be cheerful

My little mermaid went swimming again today. You should have seen her riding the swell from the wave machine and laughing at the bubble water fountains in the pool. She was loving every second. Just look at the happy anticipation here..

Preparations to bring Smiley swimming start a few days in advance. I need a friend to come along too, as I am not confident that I can manage the process alone. Then I have to make sure that her bowels are in full working order - even though she will be wearing swim protection, I really don't want any little - or big - accidents while in the pool. My lovely friend did not let me down and was happy to organise the swimming at the one time that works 3.30pm. Don't ask.... The pool is disabled-friendly, but is not set up for a severely disabled child. So the nice lifeguards were persuaded to lift her into the pool again, and it took the two of us to hold her on the shower seat and wash and shampoo her after. But yes it was really worth it!

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