The Ledbury, London

The Ledbury, London The Ledbury is one of those restaurants that we have had on 'the list' for years. We even booked in about a year ago, only to change our minds and go elsewhere. I had no doubt that anything hailing from Brett Graham's kitchen would be world class, it was just lacking something. I'm looking for that sparkle: the thrill of the ride, the promise of some unusual creation, or tales of glee from another diner. The Ledbury sat in the shadows. Dormant.

Then we remembered. Every year we avidly watch the World's 50 Best Restaurants. The Ledbury had always been there, but it served as a reminder that one of the world's top 15 was on our doorstep.

We had a late reservation on a warm, muggy evening. We thought it was a great idea at the time of booking, but truth be told we were already flagging after enjoying a rather large lunch at Little Social earlier that afternoon. We strolled down the rose bedded avenues of Notting Hill, wondering who lives in a house like this...?

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