The last hurrah

The last hurrah

Today is August 30th, which can only mean one thing - I have survived another August. Maybe it sounds too dramatic, but for me, that is exactly what it is. You see, you will probably won't remember, but I had lovely plans for this summer. And one by one they all fell through. All that I had left was survival. All I had left was the fact that time moves on. No matter what you do (or don't do), how good (or bad) your day was, how many things you still have on your todo list, time never stops. I know, some of the people reading this will think I am being too dramatic. I don't know. Maybe I am. It will explain where both my kids got the drama-queen gene from. Truth be told, it's the forth time I've started this post. One was to sappy, one too angry, one too boring.

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