The Knorr Gluten Free Challenge

The Knorr Gluten Free Challenge

When the lovely peeps over at Knorr asked if I'd be interested in taking up Knorr's Gluten Free Challenge, I was initially a little dubious about taking up a challenge that involved being creative in the kitchen. Usually when I'm attempting something new, or under pressure to cook, I get seriously stressed out and therefore don't enjoy the food I'd been slaving over for hours.

As much as I love trying out new foods, finding gluten free dishes that are tasty for the whole family can sometimes be quite a struggle. Surprisingly, coming up with a meal idea using a range of Knorr's Stock Pots opened up a wide range of hassle free cooking options, so I thought I would take the challenge one step further and create meals for the entire weekend using a different flavoured Knorr Stock with each meal. For the first time in ages I actually enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Each stock pot is bursting with flavour and so simple to use- each dish was a success and every plate was cleared.

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