The Kindle Fire HDX and {some} FreeTime Review

The Kindle Fire HDX and {some} FreeTime Review

I was recently {& very generously} given the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet to review.

The Kindle tablet was an instant hit with both Mr K and Toddler Lu (unlike me, they are both very tech-savvy).

The mum's review

I'm really thrilled with the Kindle FreeTime feature. The FreeTime is a contained space, secured by password, for the little ones (no more sticky fingers deleting precious documents - huge sigh of relief from Mr K).

The parents can set up personalised profiles for their children with their favourite apps, games & books. The genius of the Kindle FreeTime is that you can limit your child's screen time (I set it up to 30 min per day). When that time has passed, the device shuts down.

In practice, this feature helps avoid painful negotiations like, "Five more minutes and I promise I'll eat my soup", as Lu quickly learned to obey to the Kindle's time's up.

The dad's review

The Kindle Fire HDX has two features that won over Mr K's heart: the Mayday Button & the Kindle view.

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