The Kegel8 Smart Balls Pelvic Floor Workout

The Kegel8 Smart Balls Pelvic Floor Workout

Quite a few weeks ago I was sent a set of Kegel8 Smart Balls pelvic floor exercisers to review by Kegel8.

Now for some reason even though loads and loads of women suffer with pelvic floor related problems it's one of those subjects that isn't really talked about openly. We'll joke about periods, male members, sexual experiences and sex toys. But a tool/object that gets inserted into a vagina to help with muscle weakness causes all sorts of giggles and embarrassment.

As a woman in my mid 40's I'm very aware that my body is starting to show the strains of life (no pun intended!) and my pelvic floor is one of the areas that's taken some strain over the years. To be fair it's not too bad considering I had my children late in life (I'm one of those older mum statistics) and I had my two pregnancies very close to each other ... there are only 14 months between my eldest and her twin sisters. Luckily, I've never had any major leakage (apart from when I 'Pogo' at parties or do a seat drop on a trampoline!).

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