The Juicery at The Bloomsbury Hotel

The Juicery at The Bloomsbury Hotel

Twitter is a great way to find out about things you have an interest in and keep an eye on what’s trending, and it was through Twitter (and Laura) I found out about The Juicery at The Bloomsbury Hotel.

I love the idea of having a standalone juice bar in a hotel as a business in itself with its own product and objectives rather than just an extension of what the hotel can do in-house to make extra money. It brings something new to the building and encourages guests to stay in rather than go out.

I originally opted for Ambrose but was told they had run out of raspberries so went for Melrose instead in the hope of being rehydrated as the menu suggested I would be. It was quite milky with not a whole lot of taste but I finished it safe in the knowledge my insides were happy and I actually quite enjoyed it.

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