The Juggle of Modern Motherhood

The Juggle of Modern Motherhood I have this problem you see, it seems as if I can never give the correct straight-forward answer to a question. It used to drive my teachers crazy for many, many years. It is also why I can't seem to win any writing competition I enter. This post is supposed to be my entry to the Mum Network Trusted Blogger Club Autumn Blog Carnival. The theme is "the juggle of modern motherhood", and the winning blogger will get a ticket to Britmums Live 2014. Now if you are not a blogger yourself you've probably never heard about it, but it is a very big event in the blogging world, so I would very much like a ticket, but am probably the only blogger alive who still doesn't have one (the reason I don't have one yet is because a. It's pretty expensive and b. In my way of living you don't buy today a ticket to an event that will happen in June 2014). With this motivation you would be right to expect that I would do whatever I can to try and win this thing, which means writing about how tough life as a mother is

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