The 'I'se Has It! A Poem About Being Shortlised for the #BiBs2014

The 'I'se Has It! A Poem About Being Shortlised for the #BiBs2014

Yesterday I found out I had made it into the shortlisted blogs for the Brilliance In Blogging #BiBs2014 over on BritMums. It was for a category I had never expected to get it in a million years! Inspire.

The letter ‘i’ now seems to have become a bit of a coincidence and has started to become ‘my’ letter! Firstly, there is my blog name with the sound ‘i’ being prominent in the word Vocalises. I have always rounded off most of my categories with the word ‘Vocalised’. I like the fact that I talk and you see it – with your eyes. I have been a finalist twice now in Innovate in the MAD Blog Awards and now, Inspire for the #BiBs2014. Last year I was a finalist in the Video category and you had to use your eyes to see me! See what I mean?!

So, I decided to write a poem to say thank you.

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