The Hunt for Bastakiya Quarters!

The Hunt for Bastakiya Quarters!

As soon as we stepped out of Al-Fahidi station, I followed my instinct (or the lack of it pfft) and go with the flow. Go with the wrong flow to be exact! I kept circling around the area and got us stranded for a while at a pretty quiet, male dominated neighborhood. I got a few stares and I decided to go back where I was from. I saw a couple of motels. Dropped in and asked for direction. Either my pronunciation sucked or they didn't get what I was trying to say.

Weather for the day was 35 degrees. I could feel the nape of my neck combusting into flames. I was perspiring, my top was sticking to my body acted as a cooling effect. Suddenly I felt my head spin. Ugh dizzy spells. From the killer heat perhaps. I lean against a lamp-post, with the kid on my hips, tried to catch my breath and gulped down water.

Gaaaah, don't risk it Erda. Think of your kid! You can't afford to collapse in the middle of nowhere! NOT here.

Stop and recharge.

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