The Holiday Myth

When the word 'holiday' is mentioned, what springs to mind for you? Rest, relaxation, escapism, peace? Despite following this ritual every single year since having children, I still remain unconvinced that a 'holiday' has been adequately named. How 'relaxing' would you find the following....


spending approximately 19 hours prior to departure, constructing the world's most complicated bike rack locating (sometimes purchasing), washing and packing enough clothes for 5 people, for 14 days spending hours trying to find holiday booking on computer in order to print off necessary paperwork, only to discover that printer is not working finding someone to mow the expertly cared-for lawn which cannot be left unattended for 14 days...apparently organising temporary accommodation for the dog and hamster gathering various guest posts to ensure that beloved blog does not gather dust during the holiday period (just me?!) checking vehicle is road-worthy, resulting in 2 new tyres and various light bulbs, at vast expense cleaning house and entire kitchen to erradicate the danger of suspicious smells on return.

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