The historic Ciudad Bolívar

The historic Ciudad Bolívar

Following our trip to the jungle and Angel Falls, next stop was Ciudad Bolívar – the capital of Venezuela’s South Eastern bolivar state.

To get there we took a 4 seated Cessna over the 30,000 km² Canaima National Park that borders Brazil and Guyana. It was a journey that would last over an hour.

This photo was taken from inside the plane. Given there was only JD, myself and a pilot on board I was nervous to say the least. Noticeable perhaps from the lopsided smile! The pilot didn’t help quash my fears by spending too much time foraging instead of looking where he was going. Perhaps he’d done the journey so many times he longer needed to concentrate.

Ciudad Bolívar was originally founded as Angostura but renamed in 1846. The name comes from the Angostura trees that grow in the area. Angostura bitters were invented there and it’s also where the first Venezuelan newspaper was printed.

Despite the fear, the views from the Cessna were incredible and the pilot landed the plane perfectly.

We were met at the airstrip by a guide who took us to Plaza Bolívar located in the heart of the old city.

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