The happiest of days

The happiest of days

These are the happiest of days

Even if they are also the hardest. These are the days filled with more love than I have ever known

Even if they are also spent in a sleep-deprived haze.

These are the days when you, Milin, have the power to make my heart swell

just by talking to me with your new words and your new voice.

For you, Milin, are growing up.

You can put your trousers and wellies on by yourself. You can tell me anything you want me to know or understand. You can make your own decisions and you will.

You talk now all the time. You repeat everything we say. You put words together in sentences. You make me happy.

These are the days when you, Jasmin, have the power to make my heart skip a little when it shouldn’t

just by looking at me with your innocent eyes and recognising me.

For you, Jasmin, are changing so fast.

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