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The Go To Mum

As if one birthday just after Christmas wasn’t stressful enough, having 2 in 2 days is my answer! Yesterday it was my eldest birthday, today is my little princesses birthday, my middle one.

My little miss was born promptly on her due date eight years ago today, the day after her brother’s fifth birthday. The day previous had been spent waddling around Snibston and on returning home I can remember falling asleep watching Wild Wild West on the settee. Funny the things that stick in your mind. I then went to bed with my little man to be woken bang on midnight, that’s how prompt she was.

My mum came with me to be my birthing partner, how special for my mum to be there at the birth of my daughter, we knew she was a girl already. Another non straight forward delivery due to meconium in my waters and a far too busy hospital, someone had to be removed from my room after I was blue lighted to the hospital from our local birthing center.

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