The Give & Take

Do you have a ‘junk’ room that used to be a spare room but now you even wonder if there’s still a bed in there at all? Or a loft that may become the lounge if one more thing gets put in there ‘just in case’? A garage that wouldn’t fit another push bike (don’t think I’ve ever actually spoken that phrase ‘push bike’) let alone a car or a shed that has a padlock on for the purpose of keeping the stuff in rather than anyone out? We have an office that is rapidly becoming that room!

We are a nation of hoarders and I think the financially hard times we have all gone through (and still going) have done nothing to discourage this - we are holding on to broken, tired, surplus items for ever longer.

I am guilty of this, thinking…”I’ll fix that at some point, it’s a shame to just throw it away”; or “you never know when that empty pot might come in handy for some knickknacks.

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