The Fracking Game and Other Ponderings.

The Fracking Game and Other Ponderings.

I watched the chap from Cuadrilla on TV this morning discussing fracking plans and I must admit to being less than impressed. It seems there is a consensus it will do little to tackle climate change, or bring bills down. He also said that the reserves will last between 20 and 40 years. That means Syd will still be relatively young when that too runs out. Seems to me that money would be better spent on longer term green solutions.

As for safety, I may not be an Environmental expert, but I have played a lot of Jenga. If you keep removing blocks from the bottom of the tower, the rest of the tower wobbles and eventually falls. That is a little bit scary when you apply that analogy to the Earth’s crust. Now I am aware that brick based family games qualify me in the Earth sciences no more than playing Operation makes me a doctor. But still I worry a bit.

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