The Forest of Inclusion

The Forest of Inclusion

But walk through the grass, Enter the glade, Take time to look closer As you bask in the shade.

Some trees are greener, Some trees are taller, Some seem a have few leaves, And other look smaller.

Some trees have birds nesting, Squirrels make their trunks home, Under some roots rabbits burrow, But some stand alone.

Some sway in the breeze, Whilst others stand still. Each tree seems so different, Away from the hill.

But they all have a trunk, Knotted with grain, With branches and leaves... So they are ALL the same.

And together their united, A perfect shady home. Where hedgehogs scuffle And badgers make home.

And just like the forest, If you truly see... Past my wobbly legs and my wheels, Like you - you'll find a ME!

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