The follies of Painshill Park: Part Two

The follies of Painshill Park: Part Two

Historically Painshill Park's Crystal Grotto has been recognised as the finest stalactite Grotto in Europe and was officially opened this year following extensive restoration. We’re looking forward to visiting Father Christmas there. Elves will guide us from the Wishing Tent to the Crystal Grotto.

Having taken the accessible route on our last visit, this time we opted for the longer historic route. This route took us past the Gothic Temple with its pillared arches and down to the serpentine lake. It was the most glorious of days. Much to POD’s delight there were ducks everywhere and the Five Arch Bridge looked wonderful.

Next stop was the fabulous Gothic Tower and a beautiful Hermitage nestled in the woods. The Honourable Charles Hamilton had created Painshill Park as a romantic landscape to stimulate the senses and emotions of visitors. He had advertised for a hermit to live as a recluse for seven years in the Hermitage. Legend has it the hermit was found worse for wear in the local watering hole less than three weeks later!

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