The final leg!

The final leg!

It’s hard to believe it’s here really.

After all the hard work people have put in and all the miles covered.

Mr B is almost on the home stretch!

On Saturday we take on the mantel (and baton) for the last leg of what has become the huge blogging, money raising, tweeting, juggernaut that is Team Honk.

I say “we” I’m the support team really - Mammasaurus, Mummy Central (and others) will be leading us them on a white water rafting trip on the Tay before we take in on ever northward towards the very top of the country!

There will be bagging a Munro, a possible paddling in the sea! and I imagine a fair amount of laughter!

3,000 miles and nearly 200 bloggers have worked, walked, swum, cycled, driven, scooted and god knows what else to get us to this point!

Our esteemed leaders – the Honkettes have even infiltrated the halls of power

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