The F Word

As I said, I won’t go into the shenanigans that went down at Blogfest. No doubt you’ve read about it already a bajillion times, in varying lights, come to your own conclusions and decided who’s the baddie. And that’s totally cool too. I’m just left wondering if any of this is at all constructive. Whether the ensuing debate on social media, the personal attacks and fallout is helping a cause that we’re all no doubt supportive of? I’m wondering whether young people, who are yet to make up their own minds, to find their footing, their place, their voice in this world will see such displays of RAWR in the name of feminism and be completely put off by it. Will they see a bunch of women tearing lumps out of each other, perpetuating stereotypes that feminists are nothing but a load of angry women and turn the other way? Is that really what we want? Really?

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