The ephemeral surreality of Julien Spianti

The ephemeral surreality of Julien Spianti

This weekend, I decided to branch out a bit and take a look at some new artists. Among them was French painter, Julien Spianti. I love her style. At first, it reminded me of Jenny Saville (see a couple of her paintings below) but, on closer inspection, Saville's background shading is more angular and her chunky monkey subjects are positioned as a social statement. Saville focuses on the world in front of her; but Spianti has gone to that small space between nightmares and reality, and just made it that bit more beautiful.

Although it feels like we are just seeing one moment of a long and surreal eternity, her subjects' settings are always timeless. They are never inside, never outside, meaning the air is as still as the former and cold as the latter. Her faceless figures have a forced anonymity. It's fitting, considering these are people living in an all-consuming nothingness, suffocated by layers of thick paint.

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