The Enormous Turnip (Stack)

The Enormous Turnip (Stack)

Once upon a time, there was a woman with a child, the child had read ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and wanted, very much, to grow turnips of her own. The woman, without thinking, agreed to this. Now here is the tale of what they did with ALL THOSE DARN TURNIPS!

So, the question is; what do you do with a bounty of turnips that no-one wants to eat?! My first thought was jars, lots and lots of jars. This recipe actually started out as a nicely spiced turnip jam (I know, what the hell?! I was giving the turnips way too much credit there), but of course, it tasted quite a lot like jam, with turnips in it – not ideal! So, I fiddled about with it, until it became… wait for it… TURNIP CHUTNEY! (stick with me).

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The Return of The Smelly One.

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