The Emerald Lakes

The Emerald Lakes

This is a photograph of the Emerald Lakes in New Zealand. Minerals leaking from the surrounding rock cause them to be a beautiful turquoise colour. With steam vents above the lakes responsible for a sulphurous smell.

Some say the volcanic peaks of Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu are among the top ten single-day treks in the World. All are highly active, a small eruption occurred as recently as 2012, and the terrain reflects this.

The Tongariro National Park is a World Heritage site. It has the distinction of dual status, as it has been acknowledged for both its natural and cultural significance. Scenes from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have also been filmed here.

As part of our 2008 visit to New Zealand, we embarked on a 19.4 kilometre trek across The Tongariro National Park. This sounds like it was planned but it wasn’t – we did it on the spur of the moment. Little did we know how tough it would be or that I’d re-break two toes a couple of kilometres in.

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