The elusive "Me time"

The elusive

I have heard recently of two dads I know taking a bath before work in the morning. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the morning in a house with kids a time of frenzied hair brushing, shoe searching, porridge hurling and debates over which coloured vest to wear? A morning BATH strikes me as something of Mr Darcy-esque luxury...I imagine these blokes luxuriating in warm bubbles, gazing dreamily into the distance. Their valet lays out their attire for the day and waits to give them a proper shave, perfecting their sideburns perhaps...

The last time I was in the habit of morning baths is when I was reclining amidst the delicate scent of Dettol as I attempted to heal my stitched up postnatal body. Nowadays it is a 2 minute shower a la Wash'n'go, usually with an audience who are busy standing on the toilet eating Vaseline. I hardly ever take a bath because it would seem like a waste of time.

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