The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt

Good Friday saw POD partake in her first Easter Egg Hunt after Daddy hid foil covered eggs in flowerbeds and bushes around the garden. The first couple were more visible to get her started – a look of joy spread across her face when she found them.

After launching herself off the decking (she’s jumping off everything at the moment), she continued in her quest to find eggs.

She found eggs in flowerbeds, bushes and in the grass. One even slid down her slide!

When POD spotted this golden egg above her head, she wondered how she was going to get it.

But after taking instruction from Daddy, the egg dropped to the ground and POD added it to her collection. She nearly missed one Daddy had camouflaged in the magnolia tree!

Once all ten eggs had been found, POD sat outside her playhouse enjoying every mouthful of her first chocolate egg. Mummy and Daddy ‘helped’ by eating a couple of eggs themselves.

But the fun didn’t end there, we scoured the garden for dandelion clocks and blew what we found.

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