The Day We Registered S.

The Day We Registered S.

Things have been strained between us. He wants me to look after his children over night this weekend while he works. I can barely stand and walk in a straight line. I don't want to do it; he senses this and is cross with me. I agreed when I was pregnant that I would look after his children overnight sometimes; I have to honour that agreement and stop making such a fuss over it. It's just a baby. I'm making mountains out of molehills and I need to stop it.

We get ready to go to the appointment at the registry office. It's only a couple of blocks away from where I live. I dress S in her usual, over-sized vest and babygro. She is so tiny, even the "tiny baby" clothes are too big and this depresses me. Once she is dressed, she has to be wrapped in a blanket. I know this, because her father tells me so. 

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