The Day The Ambulance Arrived

It started last night. Mr L took both the boys to bed, Baba had been off school, due to a hideous cough and temperature and both the boys seemed to have conjunctivitis. As soon as they went up there I heard the coughing.

And I sat and I waited.

Neither got better, but there was a distinctive noise like no other that I heard.

One that I have heard so many times before.

The croup cough.

The cough that fills me with dread, that has meant so many days, nights and early mornings in A and E. With your baby struggling for every breath but still screaming at every piece of oxygen given to them.

But last night it wasn’t Baba the pro with croup last night it was Boo.

It started late last night but it was just the cough there was none of the struggle for breathing and in between each cough he was completely silent and didn’t seem to struggle at all. So we decided we would let him be and would take him to the GP this morning.

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