The Day I discovered Lush...

The Day I discovered Lush...

Another thing I have started to use on my hair is something called R&B (also made by Lush) which is a hair conditioner. You really don’t need a lot (I found out the hard way) but your hair becomes so much softer and it smells fantastic. It uses oat milk and avocado butter and literally, my hair is so thick that hairdressers actually complain at me when they cut my hair. Not only is it thick, it can be uncontrollably curly and it gets really really dry. The first time I used it I washed my hair as usual, and then put quite a hefty blob of this through my hair. Needless to say, when I put the hairdryer through my hair, it felt as if I hadn’t actually washed my hair in the first place and it felt horrible. The second time, however, I did not condition my hair, and ran a small amount through my hair instead after towel drying. It feels fantastic now and you use so little of it even I with my thick hair can probably make this tub last forever.

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