The daily cakes of Águamel Boutique Guest House, Sintra

The daily cakes of Águamel Boutique Guest House, Sintra In order to stand out and draw in business hotels need to differentiate themselves from one another and many times boutique properties don’t have the resources to do it on the same grand scale as chain properties do. But during my stay at Águamel in Sintra I learnt that that really doesn’t matter. The five bedroom boutique guest house opened last year and differentiates itself in multiple ways but probably my favourite way is the daily cake just sitting waiting for guests when they come down for breakfast.

The cakes are baked fresh every day and kept in the lobby for guests to help themselves and enjoy whenever they feel peckish. I found myself wondering what today’s was and what tomorrow’s will be but one thing that was consistent was the quality and the moist texture of each one. They were all completely moreish and I wish I could have stayed at Águamel for a couple more days to experience a whole week’s worth of cakes because taste wise they were unlike anything I’d had before.

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