The Cost Of Eating Ramen

The Cost Of Eating Ramen One of my favorite things on a cold, rainy day is a steaming hot bowl of ramen. Spicy preferred but other stuff good as well. I like fermented black bean, miso, plain broth, you name it! I’ve found a few options to satisfy my ramen craving over the years. And though ramen has a reputation for being a cheap eat, let me tell you some of these are less budget-friendly than you might expect.

Cheap Instant Ramen: $0.10

Here we’re talking cheap Maruchan ramen with the little dried carrots and peas you can buy in a cup. While I was basically raised on these as a kid, I’ve come to realize as an adult just how terrible these things are for you (not to mention, the taste just isn’t up to snuff once you get some real fresh ramen in your belly). Plus, once you factor in future health care costs from all the junk food consumption, these might end up hurting your wallet after all.

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