The Cookie by DoubleTree

The Cookie by DoubleTree

I’m a firm believer that chocolate solves everything and there’s never a time it’s not welcome. It’s comforting, makes you happy, it’s creamy, perfect and I find it hard to resist. It just makes everything better.

DoubleTree by Hilton figured that out too and welcome every guest to every DoubleTree with a warm homemade chocolate chip cookie upon check in. I love welcome drinks but sometimes I can take them or leave them (mostly take) but a warm chocolate chip cookie always hits the spot, especially after a long exhausting flight, a rough night on the tiles, as a quick snack before dinner, a sugar pick me up, or just because.

The good news is you don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy these warm beauties. You can drop into any DoubleTree hotel and buy a giant tin of them for £10 which is what I did and savoured every gooey chocolate chip and every crunchy nut with a glass of cold milk.

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