The Church Look

The Church Look

The head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wishaw, yesterday had a word or two to say about those he feels are at the root of Britains biggest social problems. Parents, along with town-planners, did not escape his criticism partcularly those families where parents were seen to no longer “take responsibility” for teaching their children “right and wrong.” You can read more about this herenofollow. In principle I agree with him but now, as a Mother of a feisty toddler, whilst I recognise the importance of discipline and guidance, I also understand the extreme difficulty in carrying this out 100% of the time. We all know children need consistency but I confess that I have been THAT mother, the one at playgroup struggling to placate a screaming, wriggling boy mid-tantrum and, although knowing there is bound to be a ‘correct method’ of dealing with this, and horribly aware that every other parent in the room probably knows the ‘correct method’, find myself threatening threats I cannot possibly carry out or bribing him with the promise of things I cannot possibly give him. And when that fails…weeping with despair.

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