The Cheetahs in Autumn

The Cheetahs in Autumn - Cheetahs In My Shoes There are some Saturday afternoons when everyone is a bit tired but you need some fresh air. Yesterday was just one of those days, so we took the Cheetah Keeper, Sealion Keeper, Cheetahs and some Owlies down to one of our very local green spaces here in St Albans. It’s called various things by us locals; “Old Oak”, the “Marlborough Pavilion” (don’t get any grand ideas), the “Marlborough Fields” or the “Sopwell Fields”. Essentially we don’t know what it’s called but we all know where it is.

The Sealion Keeper went down with her dad on their bikes – the area sports a “MUGA” (that’s a Multi Use Games Area – obviously) that’s great for learning to ride your bike well and a few bumpy bits for ‘off roading’. The Cheetah Keeper took down his new golf bag and clubs to hit a few balls around the football pitch (again, obviously) and the Cheetahs wanted the chance for a bit of a run around.

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