The Bushiest Bush

The Bushiest Bush

It’s Summer, in case you haven’t noticed. With this Summer, unlike our previous ones, we have had no choice but to go on holiday in the school holidays. Now I get why everyone is so annoyed about school holiday prices. Geez!

As well as it being the first time we’ve gone on holiday in August we also decided to go overseas. Being a terrible flyer (“It’s going to crash! It’s going to crash!”) I don’t take up that option very often, but just often enough that I don’t end up in some awful place one day where I can’t get on a plane at all. That would be a disaster. Boat to Australia anyone?

The trouble with going overseas (Spain to be exact) is that we are guaranteed quite hot weather and we are staying in a villa with a pool, with friends. As most kids love the water and mine is no exception, I am anticipating I’m going to be in that pool 2 to 5 times a day, supervising children and maybe occasionally cooling off just for myself. So, you know, I WILL be wearing a swimming costume.

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