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Nutrition is one of the most surprising factors that can cheer you up when your feeling rather blue. Apart from ranking high on the “keeping you naturally happy” index, eating good food keeps you healthy and is a treat in itself.

Research shows that some nutrients are essential in our diet to keep us feeling happy throughout the day. Try to substitute the following foods in place of sugary foods when you can because sugary foods have the ability to leave you feeling less on energy, owing to the dramatic peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels it induces.

The more energy you have to carry out tasks during the day, the more productive you feel and the less fatigued - both of which are known to keep us at our happiest.

Tea A cup of tea can make you happier because of the caffeine in the hot beverage.

Nettle Tea Nettle tea provides you with several immune-system-boosting antioxidants, such as minerals, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and calcium. Nettle tea also aids in lowering blood sugar levels and improving digestion.

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