The breastfeeding challenge

The breastfeeding challenge

For what felt like every waking second of the first three days of her life, my daughter screamed. She wanted to feed constantly, but it took an age for my exhausted post c-section body to produce the milk she needed.

My son was a quieter baby but he too spent those first few days crying for food. He had been born by emergency c-section, and again it took days for my milk to come in. I spent those days pumping desperately, rejoicing over every 10mls, relying heavily on my husband to be in charge of sterilising the lactaids, and also resigning myself to using 20mls of formula top-ups each feed. My child had been born small, he lost lots of weight, and his blood sugar dropped. It didn’t matter what the food was – I just had to get it in him.

I breastfed my son for seven months. My daughter is now six months and it looks like I will be breastfeeding her for many months to come, such is her complete refusal to accept a bottle or tolerate formula.

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