The 'Botjes' books

The 'Botjes' books

When I learned reading at grammar school (at the age of six), a new world opened and reading became one of my passions. I read fiction, non-fiction, books about the Mitford Family and Detroit, books from Ruth Rendell, Chaim Potok, Paul Theroux and of course vintage children’s books! But it all started with the ‘Botjes books’, small square books with drawings from Trijntsje Bottema. Bottema was a schoolteacher from the province Friesland and I think the books are named after here. Maaijke Jansma wrote the short stories.The books were published by Zwijsen Uitgeverij. The stories contained words from a reading method of Zwijsen and abled children to read the books just after six weeks of reading education. On the site of Zwijsen I learned that the ‘Botjes’ were first published in 1975 -serie 1, the serie of ten books that I read.

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