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This week is dedicated to the things we love, and books feature heavily amongst those things in our home.

It seems fitting then to share something we have created recently for Nathaniel – a book nook.

It may seem like a really simple thing, but a place to display books and read them is actually psychologically really important for instilling a love of reading.

I recently went to a phonics workshop for parents where our local phonics expert shared how important it is to celebrate books by presenting them cover on, so that a book can really be seen. When you think about it, it really is a simple idea for encouraging children to read. The spine of a book is rarely exciting, and doesn’t scream ‘pick me up and read me!’ does it?! It’s a great idea to present books with their cover showing.

I’ve selected books for Nathaniel on the theme of ‘transportation’ and in a few weeks time I’ll select another set of books. This way we can rotate the books from the cupboard to the shelf and every book will get an opportunity to sit in the book nook.

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