The Blue Church, Bratislava - The Lou Messugo Blog

The Blue Church, Bratislava - The Lou Messugo Blog

After two years of writing exclusively about France, mostly about the area where I live and French culture, I'm diverging into wider pastures, so this, my friends, is my first offering not about France. I've been itching to write about other places I've been and having just returned from a trip to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava I've decided it's now or never!

Bratislava, the tiny capital of Slovakia, is only an hour's drive from Vienna, making it perfect for a day trip. I had done a little research about the place and knew that I wanted to see the Blue Church, no matter what. And in this case the "no matter what" was a big black cloud and rumbles of thunder coming from the general direction of the church. Looking the other way, towards the Castle on the hill it was still clear and sunny, but I reckoned if we didn't rush to the church straight away we wouldn't get there; the cloud was ominous and threatening to spill its load soon.

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