The Blog Is Boring

The Blog Is Boring

“Mummy, I’ve been reading the blog”

[uh-oh thinks I]

“And it’s much to Ehlers-Danlosy and grown up. Mummy, the blog is boring, it needs more pretty and fun things”

[argh, she's been reading the blog - eek, I've just typed something else but had to delete it in case she reads that I've been writing rude words]


Today I have had the concentration span of an over-tired goldfish – but – the sun has been shining and I’ve got a new set of macro lenses to play with. So, here’s some pretty and what’s made me smile this weekend:

Gorgeous flowers, signs of growth, the strange ball of fire in the sky, that strange blue colour in the sky, daffodils, washing on the line (not just on the line, dry when we got it in) and most importantly, I didn’t need to put my wellies on!

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