The Big Chop

The Big Chop

I have had long hair FOOOOREVER! Well, for a very long time. I started growing my hair in 1992 as I had a perm for some time (I know, I know, but it was cool, man). Over the years I have had a few minor haircuts, bringing the hair to up a bit, but generally it’s been long.

More recently it’s been VERY long. It’s probably been this long for about 5 years and I did like it. I liked it on the Saturday, just after I’d washed it (30 min), combed it (30 min), blow dried it (45 min) and straightened it (10 min). You see the problem there. Nearly 2 hours had to be put aside to make it look nice. That was just one day though. Due to the level of care I needed to put into it, I only did that once a week. It was alrightish on Sunday, acceptable on Monday, Ok on Tuesday but pretty much after that it looked a mess. If it wasn’t messy it was requiring constant brushing or dry shampoo.

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