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The Big ‘C’ »

I so haven’t wanted to write this post, as somehow writing it down means it is really happening.

It is really happening we are living it, but not putting it out to the whole world means I can some what hide from it.

But I can’t hide forever.

After doing so well moving to a raw diet, Tito stopped eating again. We decided enough was enough, he was either being a complete fussy wotsit or there was something wrong. But whatever it was once and for all we needed to find out.

Tuesday I took him to the vet, he listened he heard what I had to say and he agreed he thought he was being incredibly fussy.

Then he had a feel.

He then decided that he wanted to do some tests, and keep Tito in for a while, he was worried he may have a tumor on his liver, but he assured me that was the worst case scenario. 

I left Tito at the vets, devastated.

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