The Beginning of a Slimming World Journey

Straight after I had Baba I went to Slimming World, before then I had never really dieted but I put on four stone with Baba and knew that I had to shift it somehow, by the time Baba was christened at 5 months I had lost quite a lot but not all of it. Since then I have struggled with my weight.

I have never got to the weight I was before Baba and having had two more pregnancies I have kept putting it on, not loosing it.

I have a huge problem with food, I don’t really like it. I only really like things like cakes, chocolate, and biscuits. Other food I do like, but I would never crave a bit of salmon like I would a chocolate bar. I eat because I have to, I know that I have to do it to survive and I can easily not have three meals a day as I am not that big an eater anyway.

But I am a bad eater.

I pick and graze and never graze on the right things.

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