The beauty of kisses

The beauty of kisses

It started with a big open-mouthed slobber. He would come up to me with his mouth partly open. Then he would lean in, part his lips completely, and plant a wet mouth and tongue firmly on my face. He’d move it around a bit, just to make sure I was covered sufficiently in baby drool. Then he’d move away, looking at me unsurely. Did he do it right?

The Little Mister was learning the art of the kiss. He’s got better at it, I should add. His repertoire has improved too. He now blows kisses too, sending them off into the air with one chubby hand and smacked together lips. He’ll blow them on demand – when leaving nursery, when leaving the house, ‘blow a kiss, Milin,’ we’ll say. And he’ll oblige, melting the heart and resolve of whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of his gesture.

His current favourite kiss, however, is without doubt the nose kiss. “Noooo kees, nooo kees”, he’ll say to me excitedly while coming towards me and pointing his face at mine.

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