The Beautiful, Beautiful Bracelet

The Beautiful, Beautiful Bracelet

I had the most marvellous delivery on Saturday. Well it technically was delivered on Monday, but due to various children’s illnesses, my husband didn’t get around to do the trip to the Post Office to pick it up until Saturday morning. Oh, but what a marvellous delivery it was.

This, my lovely readers is the Katia Silver and Thread Bracelet, ordered from Bloom Boutique on Notonthehighstreet.

Behold it’s marvellous beauty and shinyness. It’s described on their website as “A bracelet made of coloured, reinforced cotton strands onto which are threaded polished sections of silver, knotted a solid compact silver clasp”.

I saw it on an email sent to me notonthehighstreet, as I’m now on their mailing list after purchasing a personalised anniversary print for Hubby for our 10 year anniversary.

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