The ball gown and the budgie smugglers

The ball gown and the budgie smugglers 'Hey, are you guys free on Saturday to join me as my guests at this charity gala black tie thingy? Should be quite an evening!'

This delightful invite came through the cyber letterbox on Tuesday morning. Who could resist the chance to play dressing up and spend time with D. an old friend from the Lycee (old as in we've known each other for a long time as opposed to ancient, cos we're the same age so obviously he's quite young.) D. has got to be one of the most lovely and smart people I know - like, if Warren Buffett and Toblerone had a baby, that would be my friend D. Like totally.

Now all we needed were some serious grown up red carpet outfits to rock the night.Easy peasy.

Not so easy as it turned out. Or peasy. First his tux: he needed a new one and seeing that he was in San Francisco for the week (without me but that's another story) I was on tux duty. In case you ever find yourself up the same proverbial creek without a paddle, I mean dilemma, here's a 10 step guide to purchasing a tux without a body:

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