The BABs (Blooming Awesome Bloggers) Awards

Right, we have had the BIBs, now I give to you.....The BABs. The Blooming Awesome Blogger Awards

At Britmums Live I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know so many amazing people, that I felt I needed to find a way to say THANK YOU.

What better way to do this than with a completely silly, made up, blogging award that you can treasure forever??

First up we have the Best 'Bad Influence' Award. An award going to the person who managed to lead me astray the most this weekend. There are many worthy nominees for this award (I clearly am too easily led). Alice from More Than Toast and Bryony from Love Bryony are up there with their persuasive talk of gin and wine making me spend most of Friday in All Bar One, but its the lovely Donna from Not Yet a Yummy Mummy who wins this award for her 'lets skip this session and have another biscuit' attitude that saw me only attend two workshops all weekend and gain about 5lbs.

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